Mobile feet and ankles

Mobile feet and ankles


For healthy feet, toes, ankles, and knees the bones need to be able to move.

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Much of the time, we get stuck in our feet and lower legs from the strain of balancing. Use these movements to increase your stride, push off the toes more clearly, and enjoy better balance. Plus, these lessons free up the low back as a bonus.

  1. Equalizing the joints in the ankles, knees, and toes, 40 min

  2. Neutral foot movements, 39 min

  3. Turns in the heels, 41 min

  4. Heel circles, 39 min

  5. Connecting ankles to low back, part 1, 28 min
    Connecting ankles to low back, part 2, 29 min

Note that some movements are on the belly. Please roll a towel to put across your chest at armpit level to take the torque out of the neck. Alternatively, put a rolled towel under the shoulder you’re facing.