Private Functional Integration® lessons are the fastest way to address limited movement and habitual tension.

If you’re frustrated because you’ve tried everything else for back, hip, shoulder, or neck pain without relief, I get it. I’ve been there myself. I can show you gentle, safe ways to reverse patterns of chronic muscular tension that actually work.

My mission is to provide you with tools to take care of yourself so you can access easy, comfortable, joyful movement throughout your life.

How it works

  1. I will never correct you or say you’re wrong. After all, your nervous system is doing the best it can, given the perception of available options.

  2. If you’re ready to commit to and participate in gaining tools for your own lifelong vitality and ongoing improvement, we’re a good fit. We make a commitment to working together for a period of time, with check-ins on our progress.

  3. As you lie fully clothed on a low table, I use gentle touch and slow movements to release chronic tension, restoring the forgotten sensation of easy, powerful movement.

  4. Every single lesson addresses your specific needs and history of muscular compensation. I do not provide a pre-set series of lessons. The human nervous system is too variable to expect effective change with preestablished input.

    Instead, I meet you where you are in each moment. As we go through the lesson, I’ll respond and adapt to subtle shifts in your muscle tone, breathing, skeletal connection, and sensation.

  5. You will leave with customized tools to use at home to let go of recurring tension. Self-care reinforces the lesson and supports long-term improvement in balance, posture, and pain relief.

Zoe is a joy to work with. She is positive, funny, calming, and creative. Feldenkrais sessions with Zoe have brought a new perspective on my body and its patterns. I feel fortunate to have discovered Zoe, and the many resources she offers in addition to individual sessions.
— Joanna, Boulder, CO

Best way to approach to this process


Many of my clients—including me!—make Feldenkrais a lifelong practice to stay mobile, flexible, and resilient.

Personally, I do it because my quality of life is not up for negotiation.

Some people practice Feldenkrais every day just to be able to walk. Others practice so they can keep playing guitar, continue cycling, riding horses, running every day, or getting onto the floor to play with grandkids.

Think of relearning to move as a training and a practice. For maximum benefit, commit to a regular Feldenkrais practice for at least three months. (Consider how long it took you to develop these habits!)

Like psychotherapy, martial arts, getting in shape, changing your diet, or any other pursuit that yields greater well-being and vitality, the time and investment you put in is linked to your results.

I am here to support you every step of the way.

I am an athlete and Zoe’s lessons give me relief from pain. She has an innate body awareness and a complete sensitivity to what I’m experiencing. I can tell this comes from her deep, intuitive knowing, not a textbook.
— Trudy, Westminster, CO


How many lessons?

As each lesson builds on the last, a series of lessons close together brings the most benefit.

Improving a specific issue could take between four and twelve lessons. Severe situations—recovery from serious injury, relearning to walk—may require more.

As the newfound ease spreads throughout your life, many people continue with Feldenkrais classes, audio program, or private lessons as a fundamental support to health and mobility.


Initial assessment and overview: $170, 90 minutes
Single follow-up lesson: $120, 60 minutes


  • Start Unwinding: $390
    Initial lesson, two follow-up lessons, and three audio lessons for home.

  • Finding Freedom: $599
    Initial lesson, four follow-up lessons, five audio lessons

  • Intensive movement reset: $1199
    Initial lesson, seven follow-up lessons, ten audio lessons

  • Staying mobile for existing clients: $390 ($380 by check or cash)
    Four follow-up lessons

All lessons include customized movements to practice throughout your day. Packages include audio lessons you can return to again and again.


All sales final.

Missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged for that session. You will also be charged if you erroneously booked an appointment using the online scheduler as this still blocks off my time.

Thank you for understanding. (No charge for cancellations due to weather.)