Private Functional Integration® lessons are one of the most powerful and effective ways to find long-term relief from back, neck, hip, or shoulder pain, as well as tension related to the stress of life.

All packages include free audio lessons to practice at home to increase your learning.

I am an athlete and Zoe’s lessons give me relief from pain. She has an innate body awareness and a complete sensitivity to what I’m experiencing. I can tell this comes from her deep, intuitive knowing, not a textbook.
— Trudy, Westminster, CO


Initial evaluation & lesson - 90 minutes, $170

An evaluation of your movement patterns and a full lesson attending to your specific needs.

Single lesson - 60 minutes, $120

Come in any time for help with an acute situation or to feel tension melt away after a stressful time.

Online video coaching - 30 minutes, $49

Get instant help and movement sequences to practice to remove painful tension.


Four lessons - $390 ($380 by check or cash)

$95 each, save $90 off the regular price.
Must be used within eight weeks.

Nine lessons - $810

$90 each, save $270 off the regular price.
Must be used within twelve weeks.

Sixteen lessons - $340/mo ($1370 total)

$85 each, save $550 off the regular price.
This is a four-month subscription with four lessons per month for four months.
Start any time.
Lessons must be used every month.
There is a one-time $10 set-up fee.

Four video coaching calls - $160

Four thirty-minute video coaching calls to get advice on your progress and practice. Must be used within 12 weeks.



Missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged for that session. (Extenuating circumstances always considered.) You will also be charged if you erroneously booked an appointment using the online scheduler as this still blocks off my time. Thank you for understanding.

There is no charge for cancellations due to weather. Thank you.

All sales final.

Whether you’re an athlete, a grandparent, a musician, or just want to get through the day without pain, I will focus on your unique history and needs.

As you gain greater awareness of how your whole body supports you in every action, pain decreases and life feels easier.

Because the focus is on effortless action and learning, the benefits of lessons are repeatable and applicable to other life situations.

The way Zoe builds the lessons by gently leading you through the movements is extensive and engaging. I join the many who must benefit from the expertise and caring Zoe brings to her work and to her life.
— Patti, Thornton, CO
Zoe is a joy to work with. She is positive, funny, calming, and creative. She has brought a new perspective to my body and its patterns.
— Joanna, Boulder, CO

How to approach this process


Start with at least four private lessons to find out how you can move more freely, carry less stress in your body, and stop doing the things that cause you pain.

As you lie fully clothed on a low table, I use gentle touch and slow movements to release chronic contraction and invite new patterns. (Many people comment that it is more relaxing than massage to get a Feldenkrais lesson and feel tension melt away.)

When your nervous system adopts these new patterns, life gets easier. How long it takes depends on many factors, including your own history, injuries, habits, and protective patterns.

We will look at where you are under- or over-working. Once you’re in a state of optimal skeletal support, your muscles are free to move you wherever you want to go.

Relearning to move is both a training and a practice.

Like psychotherapy, martial arts, getting in shape, changing your diet, or any other pursuit that yields greater well-being and vitality, the time and investment you put in is linked to your results.

I am here to support you every step of the way. We will create a plan that works for you. (Consider how long it took you to develop these habits!)

Many of my clients—including me!—make Feldenkrais a lifelong practice to stay mobile, flexible, and resilient.

As newfound ease spreads throughout your life, you might find you continue with classes, audio programs, or private lessons as a fundamental support to health and mobility.

Because new habits need support and self-awareness to flourish, some of my clients do an audio lesson every day just to be able to walk. Others practice to keep playing guitar, continue cycling, riding horses, running, or getting onto the floor to play with grandkids.

Personally, I do it because my quality of life is not up for negotiation!

I just want to let you know how amazing I am finding this work. I have been having neck and shoulder pain for a year and a half. I am a Pilates instructor and an ex-personal trainer, and this work is giving me the first relief in months. I have spent too much money on therapies and gimmicks. You are amazing to work with. I have never met a practitioner as dedicated to her work as you are. I look forward to more and more relief. Thank you, Zoe!
— Linda, Lyons, CO