How to do a Feldenkrais Lesson

  1. Get a blanket. Lie down on the floor. The bed is too squishy.

  2. Make yourself comfortable: a folded towel under the head? A rolled blanket under the knees?

  3. Attend to yourself in a deep, almost meditative way.

  4. Move gently. Do not struggle against yourself.

  5. Do not do reps. Stop when your attention drifts. Bring it back or rest.

  6. Only do what feels comfortable and easy. Repeat: Only do what feels comfortable and easy. Your nervous system does not learn if you are mean to it.

  7. Stop before anything is uncomfortable.

  8. If something is uncomfortable, do less, imagine it, or rest.

  9. If something is still uncomfortable, change the trajectory, change the initiation point, or change where you soften.

  10. Give yourself permission to stop and rest. There is wisdom in resting.

  11. Do not worry whether you're doing it correctly. Just go through the movements and let the lesson unfold. It is through the variations that you reclaim your intelligence. It will happen whether you want it to or not.

  12. Read these three articles:

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Why are lessons on the floor?

It is more conducive to learning new patterns when you remove the the postural work of standing. While lying down, we can do movements we cannot do while upright, due to the decrease of the anti-gravity muscles. You want to eliminate the need to balance upright while paying attention to movement because it increases so much proprioception. 

In other words, you will do yourself more of a favor by doing a lesson on the floor, then getting up to see how it feels.