chronic pain


This series on chronic pain is a special one. People always ask me how I got into the Feldenkrais Method®, and it was through my own lifelong chronic pain. For many years I found myself turning in circles looking for solutions. I'd tried many doctors, therapies, and methods. I read widely, and in one of the books I read I found this quote:

"PAIN is an opinion on the organism's state of health rather than a reflexive response to injury."

This gave me a glimmer of understanding that my pain was not based on injury per se, but on a perception. Pain is both subjective and objective. It is an interesting metaphysical, emotional, physical, and psychological confluence. And it is never the same for any two people.

Feldenkrais uses mindfulness to open up a non-judgmental inquiry. As I discovered over twenty years ago, an awareness of new possibilities can help unravel pain.

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easing chronic pain part 1

1 Save your hips by sliding the legs, 33 min
2 Easier turning by softening the ribs, 24 min
3 How to roll to the side, 42 min
4 Roll the head for a flexible neck, 27 min
5 Side bend to a more flexible spine, 46 min

how to approach chronic pain, 8 min
why these lessons are important, 2 min

easing chronic pain part 2

6 How to take a natural breath, 29 min
7 Let go of tension for easy breathing, 33 min
8 Arm lifting by lengthening the torso, 35 min
9 Organize the back for easier walking, 44 min
10 Easier torso movement by pressing the pelvis, 22 min

resiliency and breath, 2 min
learning from experience, 2 min

I have been attending Erin’s classes for 14 months  because of a severe hip problem (my right hip movement is quite  restricted and painful). Within a short time after attending the Feldenkrais classes, my hip mobility improved and my pain diminished  more and more! At this point I would find it impossible to be without my weekly dose of classes because I am continuously becoming more aware of how to use my body more effectively thus keeping me more relaxed  (physically, emotionally and mentally).
— G. Smith, Boulder, CO
The magic of this work continues to gift me. Left  sacral area finding a place somewhat downward. Right rib cage also seeking their place. Thank you, again and again.
— performing arts teacher, Boulder, CO