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CDs, DVDs, books, etc.

free feldenkrais lessons

feldenkrais trainers (not an exhaustive list)

  • (another trainer I've studied with, kinesiologist Larry Goldfarb. Clear, easy-to-understand case studies and articles.)

  • (Russell Delman, a trainer who's taken feldenkrais in another direction and melded it with Eugene Gendlin's focusing and zen meditation. He also offers a mentorship program for anyone, doesn't have to be feldenkrais-related.)

  • (Paul Rubin and Julie Casson-Rubin, two trainers)

  • (trainer Jeff Haller, interesting guy, big athlete, background in psychology and martial arts)

  • (trainer Alan Questel, strong theater background, deep thinker)

  • (website of trainer Yvon Joly, the psychotherapist who wrote the article on body-oriented psychotherapies.)


  • (the NYC institution, run by trainer David Zemach-Bersin)

  • (Feldenkrais Resources Training Institute. In San Diego and Berkeley, both owned by Elizabeth Beringer and David Zemach-Bersin. They also run trainings.)

other practitioners

  • (synthesizing movement, awareness, and the arts, great Feldenkrais teacher, theater person, written many books. Worth reading.)

  • (website of Ralph Strauch. assistant trainer, mathematician, thinker, great articles, writes about what it means to be human)

  • (one of Feldenkrais's original students, interesting background, focuses on neurobiology.)

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