What is Feldenkrais?
from David Zemach-Bersin

Francisco Varela Lecture Series: "Science & Mindfulness: Well-Being Is a Skill" with Dr. Richard J. Davidson. Scientific evidence suggests that we can change our brains by cultivating habits of mind that will improve well-being, including happiness, resilience, compassion and emotional balance.

How do we learn? A montage of baby movements similar to Awareness Through Movement.

International Feldenkrais Trainer Russell Delman explains why The Feldenkrais Method is the most effective way to break up compulsive patterns and promote the evolution of human functioning.

How the Nervous System Senses Differences
from David Zemach-Bersin

The Feldenkrais practitioner explains how the practice leads to self-awareness in movement and in life, which he demonstrates through a simple but effective hand exercise that you can try at home.