Welcome to the list of categories.


I will launch the Treasury with a little over 300 lessons. Please be patient as the rest are uploaded over the spring.

Don’t worry, your subscription will never change, no matter how many lessons are added! As new sections are uploaded, I’ll send out updates.

This list may change slightly, although it’s been developed over decades of thoughtful reflection and experience.


  1. flexion

  2. extension

  3. turning

  4. breathing

  5. balancing

  6. side bending

  7. rolling

THE SEVEN BEST SERIES - Seven lessons in each category, 49 lessons total

  1. a flexible low back

  2. fluid hands and arms

  3. amazing hips

  4. a mobile spine

  5. effortless posture

  6. destress and calm

  7. unlock your shoulders and neck

ANATOMY (each section has many series of seven lessons, 182 lessons total)

  1. Mobilize your spine and pelvis

  2. Clarify your hips and legs

  3. Free your ribs

  4. Easy feet, ankles, and toes

  5. Soften your hands, lighten your arms

  6. Unwind the upper back and shoulders

  7. Easy jaw, eyes, and neck

FUNDAMENTALS - seven lessons each, 49 lessons total

  1. Easier flexion

  2. Easier extension

  3. Easier turning

  4. Easier breathing

  5. Easier balancing

  6. Easier side bending

  7. Easier counter-balancing and rolling


  1. Centering for strength

  2. Hoisting vs. levering

  3. Graceful posture

  4. Elegant expansion

  5. Trusting balance, shifting weight

  6. Five lines and the skeletal schematic


  1. Zoe’s Tips and Tricks - Short sequences to reset your state, usually under 10 minutes.

  2. Short sequences under 20 minutes


  1. Help for walking, hiking, and running

  2. Help for swimming

  3. Help for cycling

  4. Help for skiing

  5. Help for sitting - Both cross-legged and upright

  6. Help for squatting and touching your toes

  7. Help for traveling: staying mobile in a car or a plane

  8. Finding power in the legs for active people

  9. Finding ease in the hands for playing music or typing

  10. Lessons for seniors

  11. Lessons in a chair if you can’t get to the floor


  1. Standing back up: Becoming resilient

  2. Down-regulating and de-stressing

  3. Help for highly sensitive people

  4. Allowing resistance to melt

  5. Fearlessness and spaciousness

  6. Breath and balance

  7. Opening through movement

  8. Meditative movement for healing

Whoa! A whole new section to explore!


These lessons are often longer and there are more of them. They follow the trajectory of many Feldenkrais trainings, so you can dive deep and explore a single theme.

  1. bell hand

  2. bridging

  3. circling the head

  4. extension from Amherst

  5. finding the top of the hip joint

  6. five lines

  7. flexion/folding

  8. four points

  9. gluing the lungs

  10. hip joints by way of lengthening

  11. hooking the big toe

  12. judo roll

  13. pelvic clock

  14. pillows and swings

  15. preparing for a head stand

  16. pretzel legs

  17. reaching like a skeleton

  18. rhythmical breathing

  19. rounding the back/folding in rolling

  20. sawing arms

  21. twisting


I’ll be recording all of these amazing lessons in my own style, straight down the list as he presented them.

  1. Esalen workshop

  2. San Francisco evening classes

Lastly, the AY LESSONS - for the serious junkies

Not even kidding. I am going to record all the AY lessons with my own style. Many are already in the main Treasury. Stay tuned for updates!