Super duper basic flexion


This is such a wonderful, spacious flexion lesson.

It’s a classic lesson from Moshe Feldenkrais’s San Francisco training from the 70s.

Every Feldenkrais training covers flexion if not right in the beginning, then very close to it. Flexion is fundamental to efficient human movement. Ideally we can fold without a bunch of extensors interfering along the spine—which we all do at first!

We’re all either too flexed or too extended and then we just contract more to counter-balance the imbalance. Ugh!

Lifting the head is something babies learn pretty quickly and they do it without all these counter-contractions that adults have.

In essence, to get back to our original sense of balance, we have to re-learn what gravity even means. I know I do. I find after ten minutes or so, I take a breath. I hadn’t realized how much I was holding!

Once you make the comparison of what’s easy versus what’s hard, you’ll wonder why we make it so hard to lift the head!

I recommend doing ALL the flexion lessons this week. Your back will thank you for it.


TIP: It sounds paradoxical, but don’t do too many movements. Do fewer movements with more awareness. Rest a lot.

Each “ah-ha” moment is worth a hundreds reps!



More options

  1. Super duper basic flexion for a soft back, 31 min

  2. Basic flexion for a soft back #2, 38 min

  3. Magic back lesson, flexing wrists, ankles, hips, shoulders, 39 min

  4. Basic flexion #3, lengthen back to straighten legs, 41 min

  5. Basic flexion #4, lengthening the back, 45 min


It is one thing to talk about leaving behind a restrictive mindset. It is another thing to step into that space and feel the freedom of it.
— Lori Gottlieb, writer and psychotherapist