unwind your spine

unwind your spine


Six Awareness Through Movement® lessons

Wasted contractions are unnecessary, but we do them anyway because they are a habit. These lessons will help eliminate wasted effort throughout the movements of the spine, bringing a sense of power and ease. 

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1 Intro and bonus lesson: how to slide the legs 33 min
2 Rolling arms and turning spine 32 min
3 A bendy spine 32 min
4 Softening the back for easier walking 44 min
5 Folding spine to lengthen leg 42 min
6 Tilting legs and turning spine 27 min

A Note on Effort
We all know the feeling of fluid ease compared to the strain of effort. Effort is wasted movement. 

Economical movement is when the whole muscle contraction is translated into moving the bones. It feels fluid, coordinated, and effortless. It's like being in "flow."

New student? Read Foundations of Feldenkrais for information on how to approach these lessons.