unlock your pelvis

unlock your pelvis


Five Awareness Through Movement® lessons

If we moved according to the actual mechanics of the skeleton, we wouldn't have imbalance, or even aches and pains! But, consciously or not, we all move according to our internal idea of movement. What is your idea of the pelvis? 

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1 Fold your pelvis to lengthen your spine 35 min
2 Link your pelvis to soften your low back 33 min
3 Swivel your pelvis to clarify balance 42 min
4 Roll your pelvis to free your hips 27 min
5 Not your usual pelvic clock 30 min

We often feel the muscular tension of holding ourselves up instead of our natural skeletal support. Use these puzzle-like movements to reduce muscular tension and uncover skeletal support.

New student? Read Foundations of Feldenkrais for information on how to approach these lessons.