easy arms and shoulders part 1

easy arms and shoulders part 1


Ten Awareness Through Movement® lessons

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile in our body and overuse or poor use can cause injury, pain, and discomfort. Use these lessons to reduce pain as you discover how the arms connect through your whole self. **Good for anyone who uses the arms, not just recovering from injury.**

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Ten 30-35 minute lessons

1 Reaching and rolling
2 Wings on ribs
3 Reaching like a skeleton
4 Tilting legs, rolling torso
5 Rolling long arms
6 Side bending
7 Arms behind
8 Rocking and turning, "self-hug"
9 Lifting four corners
10 Rotating lower arms

Full of personal discoveries and wonderful “a-ha” moments, these lessons take you on a journey into your own awareness of how the shoulders, ribs, and spine move in powerful, effortless unison. 

New student? Read Foundations of Feldenkrais for information on how to approach these lessons.