effortless jaw and neck, part 1

effortless jaw and neck, part 1


Ten Awareness Through Movement® lessons

A few hours of reeducation can reduce a lifetime of tension as well as help with headaches, desk work, music practice, and sleep. 

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Do you suffer from chronic jaw and neck tension that just won't go away? These ten thirty-minute lessons can relieve ongoing pain in the neck, jaw, and shoulders. 

Five two-part lessons, each part about 30 minutes. 

  1. Basic jaw movements
  2. Jaw with shoulders
  3. Jaw with head 
  4. Jaw with low back and neck
  5. Jaw with pelvic clock part 1 
  6. Jaw with pelvic clock part 2
  7. Jaw with eyes part 1
  8. Jaw with eyes part 2
  9. Jaw with lips
  10. Jaw with face and five lines

New student? Read Foundations of Feldenkrais for information on how to approach these lessons.