10 under 20: help for sitting

10 under 20: help for sitting


Ten Awareness Through Movement® lessons under twenty minutes

These lessons can be done in sitting at your desk to relieve strain in the upper back, neck, eyes, and shoulders. 

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  1. Arms overhead, look up, look forward 6 min
  2. Drawing with elbows to free upper back 13 min
  3. Elbow circles with hand on belly 14 min.mp3
  4. Eye variations to free the neck 13 min
  5. Freeing hips and low back 10 min
  6. Hand on wall to free shoulders 9 min
  7. Self-hug, round and turn 10 min
  8. Tilting and rounding to find optimal sitting 12 min
  9. Tilting head, circling arms 12 min
  10. Two breathing experiments to free back and belly 14 min

Ten lessons under twenty minutes! All of these lessons can be done at a desk in your office.

Simple, easy-to-follow lessons for sitting more comfortably in any situation. Learn these movements to let go of excess tension in the back, hips, neck, and arms. You will love sitting more comfortably!

New student? Read Foundations of Feldenkrais for information on how to approach these lessons.