10 under 20: help for low back pain

10 under 20: help for low back pain


Ten Awareness Through Movement® lessons under twenty minutes

Easy, accessible movements that can be done throughout the day. 

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  1. Hooking big toe, 15 min
  2. Pelvic clock, 15 min
  3. Rocking pelvis with arms overhead, 19 min
  4. Rocking pelvis with jaw, 12 min
  5. Rolling over arm, 17 min
  6. Rolling up spine, 13 min
  7. Round and bend in standing, 14 min
  8. Rounding back in sitting, 12 min
  9. Tilting knees, 19 min
  10. Tilting knees on back and belly, 14 min

Through these lessons you can:

  • Avoid injury and pain
  • Loosen tight back muscles through increased intelligence, not strain
  • Learn novel strategies for getting out of old habits
  • Feel flexible and fluid in the spine, ribs, and pelvis