more about functional integration 

In Functional Integration, my hands give you feedback about yourself and how you move, helping you discover new options for the organization and use of your body. Subconscious patterns of holding and interference can be brought to awareness and released, allowing new, more efficient patterns of use to be learned. 

Functional Integration should not be considered "treatment" in the medical sense, and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment when that is called for. Nonetheless, Functional Integration may prove useful to people with conditions for which medical treatment might alternatively be sought, or as an adjunct to such treatment. 

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The limitations and discomforts associated with such conditions often result as much from how you respond to the condition as from the condition itself. Through Functional Integration, you can learn new ways of responding and being in the world, with greater ease and comfort than you have previously experienced. Because the Feldenkrais Method® makes changes where it counts, in your brain, you might be surprised by how much you learn as you release old habits and heal your pain.

Most forms of therapy are seen in terms of things the therapist does to the client to bring about change. That model is not appropriate for Functional Integration, which is a learning process rather than a therapeutic treatment. Erin's objective is not to create any structural change or correction, but rather to help you discover new functional possibilities within yourself and to incorporate those possibilities into your life