human movement basics


Vital to all human activity are the movements of folding forward, arching backward, rotating around the central axis, side-bending, and lengthening. Clarifying these fundamental planes of action will help you stay healthy and flexible for years to come. 

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turning around your axis

Through gentle, easy-to-follow movement instructions, you will learn a deep restructuring of the habitual relationships between the upper back, spine, shoulders, head, and neck.

intro comment, 5 min
comment #2, 5 min
comment #3, 2 min
bonus lesson: roll your whole self from your head, 30 min

1 side sitting, 31 min
2 side sitting #2, 31 min
3 turning with arm behind #1, 36 min
4 turning with arm behind #2, 28 min
5 turning with arm behind #3, 37 min