jaw, neck, and eyes


Sitting at a computer is the daily grind for many of us. Unfortunately, focusing on a screen means the neck muscles must hold the head still so the eyes are able to read. I see many clients in my practice with tense neck, shoulder, and jaw muscles. What they often don't realize is that the eye muscles themselves are part of this pattern. These lessons help re-train how you use the jaw, neck, eye, and upper back, with a pleasurable and effortless result! 

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In easy-to-follow, pleasant movements, you will learn to:

  • look younger
  • relax your face
  • alleviate tmj issues
  • free your neck and shoulders
  • improve your voice
  • stop clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth
After two lessons, I feel more aware of my holding patterns  and am able to let them go.
— Linda Stenson, singer, actress

effortless jaw & neck, part 1

1 Differentiating jaw and neck, 19 min
2 Jaw, shoulder, and neck variations, 22 min
3 Moving the skull apart from the jaw, 26 min
4 Connecting the neck and low back, 20 min
5 Softening the lips and face, 24 min

effortless jaw & neck, part 2

1 Habits of jaw, eye muscles, part 1, 21 min
2 Habits of jaw, eye muscles, part 2, 25 min
3 Pelvis and jaw part 1, 21 min
4 Pelvis and jaw part 2, 23 min
5 Painting face with five lines, 23 min

jaw, neck, tongue, eyes: calming the nervous system

Many people are surprised by how much the tension of the tongue affects breathing, balance, mood, and sleep, not to mention your ability to move your pelvis and hips!

Curious? Try this lesson on connecting the jaw, neck, pelvis, and ribs. It's lovely. Surrender to the lesson and you will feel a strong sense of calm and fluidity throughout your entire self.

1 The Tongue, 40 min
2 The Palate, 37 min
3 The Jaw and the whole self, parts 1 & 2, 55 min
4 Softening eyes, easing breath, 35 min
5 Jaw, Neck, and Ribs, 31 min