More on Awareness Through Movement®

The Feldenkrais Method is designed to make changes where it counts—in your brain. When more natural movement patterns are internalized, your attention is free and your movements are spontaneous. You’ll be amazed at how chronic tensions resolve themselves without force.

In these lessons you are directed through a series of gentle, non-invasive movements that grow increasingly complex. At the same time you are asked to pay attention to specific sensory feedback. Often the lessons are like puzzles in which you figure out how to move around fixed constraints. This puzzle-like situation prompts the nervous system to activate a different muscle pattern than you usually use.

All lessons are designed to be non-judgmental, non-competitive, and self-directed so that you progress at your own pace. Give yourself time to feel what happens. Often we forget that we have spent years acquiring our quick-fire habitual responses. By giving yourself permission to feel and notice what happens as you move you will start to learn, and learning only happens when you are kind to yourself.

why does being curious help?

Simple: your nervous system doesn't learn if you are mean to it. Your attitude of curiosity and exploration can bring about a major change in your habitual movement and experience. Forcing movement will only reinforce your habit.

Imagine the ribs folded forward, as if you are slouching. Now imagine bringing the arms forward and up without moving the ribs. If we pull and stretch without moving the ribs, we are working against ourselves, creating patterns of co-contraction that lead to pain and injury.

Children learn to move and develop by exploring their environment, but as adults we have forgotten how to be curious. We are not going to learn something new by telling ourselves to "sit up straight!", "quit hunching!", or "pull your shoulders back!", or, "hold your head up!" Compulsive correction diminishes our freedom. Learning happens when we move from habit into choice.

Often we forget that we have spent years acquiring our quick-fire habitual responses. It is only when we slow down long enough to notice them that we can effect real change.

With awareness and directed attention, you can eliminate compulsive, dysfunctional strain and gain self-knowledge, choice, and spontaneity.

 No experience necessary. Bring your curiosity and open awareness. 

For the first time in years I can reach into the cabinets on my own to put the dishes away instead of stacking them on the counter for my husband. And when my brother came to town for a visit, I was able to give him a huge bear hug! You should have seen his eyes! He couldn’t believe I could use my arms again.
— Phyllis, Westminster, CO
I did it!! I walked around the museum for several hours comfortably. Thank you so much for helping me. It was a terrific day.
— J.S., Boulder, CO
I was in the Thursday class this week for the first time. It blew me away! I have insomnia and although it isn’t mentioned as one of the things the method helps, I am guessing that it is possible it would help with that since it seems to have an impact on every aspect of health and well-being.
— F. Haertling, Boulder, CO
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