Weekly drop-ins

  • Tuesday 10am

  • Friday 11am

  • New drop-in starts June 1: Saturday 12:00 noon
    (no class Saturday, June 29)

Classes are about 50 minutes. All are welcome. I have mats, rollers, pads, and other supports.

Bring your open awareness and wear comfortable clothes. No experience necessary.


  • 12-class punch card for $168. No expiration.

  • Drop-ins $20 per class.

You are welcome to share punches with friends and family.

Payment: Swipe a card or pay with cash or check at the studio.

Monthly themes: May is for freeing the neck, softening tension the face, and unwinding tightness in the jaw.

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May classes




Marine Street Wellness Center
2825 Marine Street, Suite 103
Boulder, CO 80303



What to expect

In Awareness Through Movement group classes you will lie comfortably clothed on the floor on thick mats or blankets. You will be guided through a sequence of gentle, yet increasingly challenging movements. All lessons are designed to be non-judgmental, non-competitive, and self-directed so that you progress at your own pace.

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Don't worry about doing the movement perfectly. Just notice what you feel, because the more comfortable you are, the more naturally graceful your movement becomes.

Movements in an ATM (Awareness Through Movement lesson) encourage you to move beyond your compensatory habits, taking you outside your range of familiarity. As a result, they may seem puzzling at times. This is because they are new! So give yourself time to feel what happens.

Often we forget that we have spent years acquiring our quick-fire habitual responses. It is only when we slow down long enough to notice them that we can effect real change.

As you progress through the lesson, I will suggest ways that you can connect with your experience. For example, we will examine your muscle tone, breathing, and skeletal alignment as well as the shape, angle, speed, and force of your movement.

The use of your kind and uncompromising attention is a powerful tool. By giving yourself permission to feel and notice what happens as you move—not how you think you should move but how you do move—you will start to learn, and learning only happens when you are kind to yourself.

I have been doing Feldenkrais for 43 years, starting with the original group of teachers in Israel. I have been with Zoe for five years, and she is as good as the original group. Her teaching is deep and knowledgeable. I recommend her whole-heartedly!
— Ziva M., Lafayette, CO
I was in class this week for the first time. It blew me away! Feldenkrais has an impact on every aspect of health and well-being.
— Frances H., Boulder, CO
I did it!! I walked around the museum for several hours comfortably. Thank you so much for helping me. It was a terrific day.
— Jane S., Boulder, CO


New student?

No experience necessary. You start where you are and move at your own pace. There is no “advanced” class, you’re just sensing how you move through this pattern in this moment.

I see everyone from athletes to people recovering from surgery to people with neuromuscular diseases to people in stressful life situations. All are welcome.

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(These folks are practicing their best resting.)

If you’re like me and you like to read the background stuff, check out these articles for new students:

Foundations of Feldenkrais by Zoe Birch

How to Learn by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Zoe’s Feldenkrais Commitments

It’s not that I’m so smart. It’s that I stay with the questions much longer.
— Albert Einstein