better breathing


Coordinating Breath with Life
Better breathing is breath that that responds to the ever-changing nature of your being. If you are to meet life’s constantly changing circumstances, you must allow your breath to coordinate with life. Start by tossing ‘good’ and ‘bad’ breathing out the window. Then do these lessons to free your breathing from habitual ruts. 

Benefits of improving the breath:

• Let go of mental and physical tension
• Improve digestion
• Become less stiff
• Stop recurring physical problems
• Better focus
• Deeper awareness
• Effortless movement and thought
• Immediate tools to decrease stress 

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Calming the nervous system with the breath, part 1

1 find the breathing container, 25 min
2 lengthen side with tapping, 28 min
3 lengthen side with seesaw, 20 min
4 abdominal breathing, 24 min
5 expand the lobes of the lungs, 32 min

Calming the nervous system with the breath, part 2

1 lengthen the side, 32 min
2 abdomen lets go, 45 min
3 the stress response, 22 min
4 calming with sounds, 17 min
5 let go of tension, 33 min