Yield to the floor and soften the back

Feldenkrais rolling.jpg

I love the weight-shift lessons, but I didn't used to as my back was so stiff I tried to muscle through. Mostly I just fell over in a heap or got stuck.

Over time I realized that it's only by softening first that we get stronger. I know, it sounds odd, but it's true. When the back muscles stop uuumphing and straining, they're actually available to move. If you think it through, it's obvious that you can't access a contracted muscle because it's already maximally shortened, which is what we do with our back every day.

Think of a square block rolling along the floor. It goes clunka-clunka along sharp angles. To start rolling, the block has to lift up an entire side to perch on an edge. Now imagine a ball rolling. The surface area of the ball is in continuous contact with the floor, and it requires much less energy to shift off its center. 

Yet here were are, treating our back like a square and muscling right along, as if a square were a livable solution.

If you hear one word today, it's yield to the ground. Better yet, Give Way to the ground. Don't be a square!