weakness vs. strength -- I mean efficiency!

People often come into my office saying, "I'm weak, my muscles aren't firing, I need to strengthen my core, my glutes, my shoulder, my back..."

In fact, when we feel weak, it can often be because our muscles are constantly firing, that is, they are engaged and contracted with a "do not disturb" sign on the door, and hence unavailable for movement. We feel weak because we don't have access to the most efficient distribution of work, so we over-effort and exhaust ourselves.

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how should I move my arm?

In school it is what we learn that's important. The quicker we can produce information, the smarter we appear. However, we can train ourselves in anything we can imagine! It's like swinging your arm. Perhaps you can swing your arm to throw a ball, but can you throw a lasso, a golf club, a frisbee, a dance partner, or a custard pie?

Dr. Feldenkrais says over and over that the learning we do in this method involves separating the goal from the process. It sounds outrageous, but think for a moment: Settling for a single, correct endpoint is like limiting yourself to a single food the rest of your life. Who wants to eat boiled potatoes forever

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