spine, pelvis, and hips


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unwind your spine

These lessons will help increase flexibility and coordination in the musculature along the spine. I recommend these to all my clients with low back pain or sciatica. 

Bonus: How to slide the legs, 33 min
1 Rolling arms and turning spine, 32 min
2 A bendy spine, 32 min
3 Soften the back for easier walking, 44 min
4 Folding spine to lengthen leg, 42 min
5 Tilting legs and turning spine, 27 min

unlock your pelvis

Reduce hip and back pain with these gentle, puzzle-like lessons that clarify how the pelvis relates to the spine and torso. Your hips will swing easier and your legs will feel lighter. 

1 Fold pelvis to lengthen your spine, 35 min
2 Link pelvis to soften your low back, 33 min
3 Swivel your pelvis to clarify balance, 42 min
4 Roll your pelvis to free your hips, 27 min
5 Not your usual pelvic clock, 30 min

release the upper back with easier turning

Through gentle, easy-to-follow movement instructions, you will learn a deep restructuring of the habitual relationships between the upper back, spine, shoulders, head, and neck. 

1 Rolling whole self from head, 30 min
2 Turning arm behind, #1, 36 min
3 Turning arm behind, #2, 38 min
4 Turning arm behind, #3, 27 min
5 Side sitting, 30 min