arms, hands, and shoulders


Do you struggle with shoulder injury? Wrist pain? Arm pain? Aching hands? These lessons can help. By re-patterning how the arms connects to the torso and how the musculature of the arms affects the hands and chest, you can discover light, easy arms and fluid shoulders. The shoulders and arms not only connect to your trunk, but also move in powerful, effortless unison.

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easy arms and shoulders, part 1

1 Reaching and rolling, 41 min
2 Wings on ribs, 32 min
3 Reaching like a skeleton, 29 min
4 Tilting legs, rolling torso, 31 min
5 Rolling long arms, 32 min

easy arms and shoulders, part 2

1 Side bending, 25 min
2 Lifting shoulders, arms behind, 32 min
3 Rocking and turning, "self hug," 31 min
4 Lifting four corners, 30 min
5 Rotating lower arms, 30 min

These lessons focus on the hands and arms. The use of the hands is primary for so many of our activities. From RSI to thoracic outlet syndrome to recovering from surgery, these lessons are so gentle that they sneak in and help you without you having to do much. The work is in the brain. 

soft hands, light arms, part 1

1 Rolling arms, tilting knees, 41 min
2 Reaching diagonally with soft hands, 37 min
3 Planted hand, 38 min
4 Let go of tension in dominant hand, 30 min
5 Roll hands, soften arms, palm eyes, 40 min

soft hands, light arms, part 2

1 Soft hand in honey, part 1, 29 min
2 Soft hand in honey, part 2, 31 min
3 Pulsing hands, feet, eyes, 27 min
4 Rotate arms & hands, part 1, 26 min
5 Rotate arms & hands, part 2, 31 min

soft hands, light arms, part 3

1 Press fingers, flying arms, part 1, 28 min
2 Press fingers, flying arms, part 2, 32 min
3 Lengthen and rotate arms, 29 min
4 Gentle touch, soft fingers (musician's touch), 29 min
5 Prayer hands, 28 min

the amazing bell hand, part 1

Many people find Dr. Feldenkrais's Bell Hand lessons to be the most effective of all lessons at changing the overall muscle tone. Through gentle rolling combined with specific hand movements, you learn to highlight what is effort and what is ease. Afterward, you will feel renewed clarity as you move without habitual holding and tension.  

1 Bell hand roll onto side, 33 min
2 Soft arm connects to knee, part 1, 31 min
3 Soft arm connects to knee, part 2, 28 min
4 Bell hand roll onto belly, part 1, 36 min
5 Bell hand roll onto belly, part 2, 22 min